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My clock is broken! 

Programme notes

The narrative of this piece could be taken literally, or metaphorically as an exploration of trauma. I have imagined the story of a clock maker who is driven to madness when one of their clocks malfunctions for the first time. Following a foreboding introduction, I have imagined their twinkling, magical workshop, filled with whirring clogs and childlike wonder. As they realise something is amiss, the childlike melodies take on a more disturbing character, and the music becomes increasingly dizzying and distorted, turning in on itself until the performers can no longer bear it. The rest of the piece does not seek a neat resolution, but rather tries to find some acceptance. I wanted this last section to have a timeless, everlasting quality, and to contain both love and sadness.

The piece was composed for Mela Guitar Quartet and premiered at the Purcell Rooms.

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